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Healthcare certification providers in the United States all focus on one major program: cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The CPR programs at American providers are available all throughout the week, sometimes even during the evenings and weekends if the regular schedule cannot accommodate all of the students who sign up for programs. CPR credentials are easily achieved once the program is completed and the post-test exams are finished.

First Aid Certification in Edmonton
CPR for the general public (trainees)


Certificates are awarded immediately to student once they pass the program post-test, which can either be a skills test or a written exam, or both. After two years, credentials at American providers expire, so students are required to take a renewal program before they do to keep them valid. These certificates are recognized all throughout the US.

In order to qualify for a renewal program, the certificate a student carries needs to be valid or nearing expiration (not expired).

CPR Training

There are 9 total programs offered by providers throughout the program. The two main program categories are BLS (Basic Life Support) and Advanced Life Support (ALS). BLS is mainly taught to the general public and teaches 1 and 2 person rescues while ALS is taught exclusively to healthcare providers  and professionals (HCPs).

Basic Life Support 

  • CPR and AED (general public) – 4 hours
  • CPR and AED (HCPs, healthcare students) – 4 hours
  • CPR and first aid (general public) – 4 hours
  • BLS for HCPs + renewal program – 4.5 hours + 4 hours

Advanced Life Support

  • ACLS + renewal program – 16 hours + 5-6 hours
  • PALS + renewal program – 14 hours + 6-8 hours


CPR training providers can be found in 4 states throughout the US.


  • Los Angeles CPR, CA
  • San Francisco CPR, CA



  • Honolulu CPR, HI



  • Las Vegas CPR, NV



  • Portland CPR, WA
  • Seattle CPR, WA

All of these providers offer the same quality training throughout the country. All programs follow only the latest updates from the AHA and the latest BLS and ALS guidelines they release. Students don’t have to be concerned over the quality of the training they receive from any of these providers. If you have any queries regarding the programs or enrolment, the staff will be eager to help you.

Find a certification program you need from the list and give any of our providers a call to get you started!

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