Determining the Importance of First Aid Certification Based on Location

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In order to determine the level of first aid and CPR safety precaution

Red Cross Standard First Aid Certificate
Red Cross Standard First Aid Certificate

through first aid certification and trainings that business owners need to take, the first thing that they should consider is their location. This is because businesses in certain provinces or territories have characteristics that can make their businesses more prone to fatalities and injuries than others. Here are some of these characteristics that business owners should consider in conjunction with their location.

Fatality Rates

According to an article that was published by the Centre for the Study of Living Standards, the three territories in Canada had the highest fatality rates with Newfoundland taking the top spot of the territory that has the most number workplace-related fatalities. It was estimated that 11.7 out of every 100, 000 workers die in this territory which is almost twice the national workplace fatality average.

Work-related Injury Rates

Even though not all cases of workplace-related injuries lead to fatality or death, looking at the injury rates of a province or territory can still give business owners clear perspective on how important a first aid certification can be. According to the statistics that was released by the Employment and Social Development Canada for 2010, Manitoba had the highest reported cases of workplace injuries and is closely followed by Saskatchewan.

Costs of Injuries and Fatalities

If a local government spends a lot of money on workplace fatality and injury coverage, then it is highly likely that the area is prone to these mishaps. Several studies suggest that in 2012, Great Vancouver paid the highest amount of healthcare costs and disability claims in which their government spent more than $500, 000.

Short and Long Term Disability Claims

Just like the amount of money that a local government spends on healthcare and injuries, the number disability claims that are being handed out can also determine the general safety of an area. If an area has a high count of disability claims, then that means that there are a lot of injured employees who are claiming them. This is why it is not really a surprise that that province with the highest amount of healthcare costs also has the highest number of disability claims which is none other than Great Vancouver.

By taking note of these characteristics and provinces, business owners can determine if they need to spend more time and money on first aid certifications and training and if they currently have the right amount of first aid safety measures at hand.

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