Kids With Eye Problems

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Overview Of Eye Health For Children

  • Good eye health and perfect vision are essential for the general growth of kids.
  • There’s a disturbing increase in the amount of children experiencing eye problems these days.
  • Identifying and treating them early are important in preserving a child’s eye health.
  • All these refractive problems can be adjusted by wearing lenses or glasses, though only kids above 11 should wear lenses.

Identifying Eye Related Problems

  • It’s quick to spot kids who have eye issues even if they don’t whine about it.
  • Generally they will have difficulty reading the chalkboard, constant headaches, eyes start to water, show signs of A.D.D (attention deficit disorder) or start to withdraw from everything.

Reasons Why So Much Kids Have Eye Problems

Eye Problems
Eye Problems
  • We will have to fault our fluctuating lifestyles, rapid growth and daily customs.
  • In previous times, the majority of kids spent time playing outdoors but these days most kids spend their time playing with their PC games, tablets, phones or video game consoles.
  • They are continually absorbed by focusing on computer or phone screens.
  • Our eyes are not tailored to that type of strain and it’s triggering eye problems among kids.

Eye Examinations For Kids

  • It is suggested that you take your child for an eye examination when they turn one year of age and then once every two years except if there’s any deformity.
  • In instances where your child has a vision abnormality, apply your health practitioner’s advice very carefully.

Some Foods To Improve Eye Problems In Children

  • A healthy wholesome diet is vital for the eye.
  • Green vegetables are the best choices to choose for children who are experiencing eye problems.
  • Some of these vegetables and fruits include: carrots, mangoes, papaya, cod liver oil and various types of fish – all these food items contained a lot of Vitamin A which helps to improve the strength of the retina.

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