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Knowing first aid techniques is simply not enough if you have to get the maximum benefits from your knowledge. Having first aid skills go hand in hand with having a first aid kit for the most part. There are different types of first aid kits, and this article focuses on the family oriented first aid kit. Different types of first aid kits have different contents depending on the type of first aid kit available. To put this in perspective, a camping first aid kit would differ remarkably from any other kit seeing as the injuries likely to be encountered are those in an outdoor setup.

What should you consider when choosing a family oriented first aid kit? The first thing that you must keep in mind when you select such a kit is the injuries that are likely to be encountered at the home. some of the most common injuries include cuts, bruises, burns, nose bleeding, sprains and swellings just to name a few. For this reason, the typical home first aid kit should contain bandages to be able to cover the affected regions. Gauzes should also be included in such a kit for the same reason. The kit should also have a pair of scissors to cut the bandages and make them to size. The pair of scissors will also be used to shape the bandages in the outline of the injured area.

Following exposure of the skin to the external environment, it becomes imperative to include an antibiotic cream into the kit. The purpose of the cream is to prevent infection of the open wound. The family oriented first aid kit must also be cleaned well prior to dressing to facilitate for sterility of the area as well as to allow for precise treatment. It is impossible to talk about a first aid kit without making mention of painkillers. Painkillers, also known as analgesics, are a must have in a first aid kit. They come in handy when one needs to manage pain and inflammation. Some of the painkillers that can be used include aspirin, paracetamol and ibuprofen.

What is the difference between a family oriented first aid kit and an outdoor first aid kit? Having mentioned some of the contents of the former, what constitutes a first aid kit designed for the outdoors? In addition to what a home first aid kit contains, an outdoor kit will contain extra supplies as well as a pair of tweezers to get any small splinters out of the body. Such a kit should also be placed in a waterproof container for the simple reason that the outdoors are likely to come into contact with elements of the weather. Bandages may be damaged by water so it is best to keep them dry. It is also advisable to make sure that the first aid kit is fireproof to safeguard the supplies available.

Knowing what to look out for when choosing a family oriented first aid kit is key to using the same correctly.

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