Recognizing A Case Of Prescription Drug Abuse

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Many people are unaware of the fact that not all abused drugs are illegal. Studies prove that prescription drug abuse is on the rise. Since these are drugs that are readily available in chemists and the internet, the pending danger is higher indeed.

Apart from physical and psychological dependence, addiction is an obvious side effect of such medication. Some of the drugs normally abused include: Opioids, stimulants and depressants. Being able to recognize a case of abuse is crucial in helping the patient recover from the condition.

Symptoms of Prescription Drug Abuse:

  • Usage Increase- It’s normal for a patient’s body to develop tolerance against prescription drugs. In such a case, dosage may be increased for desired effects to be experienced. However, this decision should be left to the doctor but not the patient. Altering of dosage constitutes abuse.
  • Personality Change- When someone taking prescription drugs becomes moody or changes behavioral patterns, this could be a symptom of dependency.
  • Social Withdrawal- Other people usually become withdrawn from the society at large. They avoid close friends and even family members as a result of prescription drug abuse.
  • Chronic Use- Even after the condition that was being managed has been treated, an addict will continue using the medication. Some even fake illness just to get another prescription. Be aware of complaints against doctors, especially from those who refuse to write numerous prescriptions.
  • Change in Habit- Drug addiction can lead to a notable change in habits. When you want to indentify a case of prescription drug abuse, look at sleep patterns, personal hygiene, appearance, etc.
  • Irresponsibility- This is a visible sign in abuse involving both street and prescription drugs. Drug abusers tend to neglect their responsibilities by calling in sick more often for instance.
  • Enhanced Sensitivity- With chronic use, senses are enhanced thus making normal emotions, sounds and even sights unbearable. This may or may not occur with hallucinations.
  • Blackouts- A person who experiences blackouts frequently could be abusing prescription drugs. This is especially true when they suffer memory loss after the episodes.

Ways of Dealing With a Prescription Drug Abuse Case:

Talk to the person particularly when they appear to be spaced out. Getting them to talk about their feelings will help them in coming out clean about the behavior. Furthermore, it will also reveal other underlying issues that are contributing to the situation.

Encourage the person to work-out. Exercising is one of the most effective methods of keeping the body healthy by riding it of toxins. This must be combined with a healthy diet plan.

When you suspect a case of prescription drug abuse, notify the doctor first. Confronting the patient may worsen the situation should the person decide to withdraw.

In general, assumptions can be dangerous when dealing with a suspected drug abuse case. This is because not everyone using plenty of prescription medication is a drug abuser. Always be on the lookout for the symptoms first to be certain of the transpiring events.

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