About Us

We are committed to providing you with information and registration for all of the basic first aid and CPR courses offered through the major first aid and CPR providers of Canada. With the variety of different providers and certification courses available it can be difficult to choose which provider and course to take. This page outlines the different providers with pros and cons and outlines the differences between the major first aid courses and CPR level’s.

We are partnered with the highest quality and lowest priced first aid and CPR providers throughout Canada. Our training partners have St Mark James training centres located in the following city’s:

  • Victoria, British Columbia
  • Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Kelowna, British Columbia
  • Edmonton, Alberta
  • Calgary, Alberta
  • Red Deer, Alberta
  • Regina, Saskatchewan
  • Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Ottawa, Ontario
  • Hamilton, Ontario

To register for a course with any of our training partners select the first aid certification course that you need or require from the main or side menu. You will be re-directed to a site dedicated to that course. From that point candidates can select the location and then date and time of the course. Registration can be completed quickly and conveniently through secure on-line registration systems.


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