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Acquiring First Aid Certification for Possible Cancer Patients

According to Statistics Canada, the leading cause of death in the country is malignant neoplasms otherwise known as cancer. This is why the several branches of the government and non-profit organizations develop many programs that are geared towards cancer awareness and prevention. However despite these efforts, the numbers of new cancer cases are still on […]

Determining the Importance of First Aid Certification Based on Location

In order to determine the level of first aid and CPR safety precaution through first aid certification and trainings that business owners need to take, the first thing that they should consider is their location. This is because businesses in certain provinces or territories have characteristics that can make their businesses more prone to fatalities and injuries […]

How to get First Aid Certification in Canada

In Canada, first aid certification is provided under authorizations from organizations that approve first aid training providers. The four organizations that authorize the course providers include the Canadian St Mark James, St Johns ambulance, Lifesaving society Canada and Canadian ski Patrol. In addition to the courses that deal with standard first aid and emergency, the […]

Keep Your Children Safe Under the Sun

For most of us, summer is the best time of the year. But the summer heat can cause damage especially to children’s delicate skin. Here are summer safety tips for all parents to know. Summer is amazing, with its warm weather and longer days. Children can roam around and enjoy different outdoor activities. However, too […]

Making Your Own First Aid Kit for Camping

Camping is one activity that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. Whole families indulge in this activity, scouts have their own camping trips and friends can bond over a round of stories over the camp fire. But small injuries can ruin an otherwise perfect camping trip, especially if there’s no First aid and […]

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