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The Danger Behind Drug Overdose

Drug overdose happens when an individual takes in more than the daily recommended dosage of a particular drug. Drug overdose does not always occur as a result of the use of illegal drugs, as prescription medications also commonly lead to drug overdose. There are plenty of different drugs available in the market, each with its […]

Aspirin Overdose

Aspirin is an analgesic, which means it is a drug used to relieve from pain. It is the trade name acetylsalicylic acid.  Aspirin works by inhibiting the discharge or prostaglandin, a hormone-like substance. Aspirin helps relieve symptoms of many various conditions such as, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and systemic lupus erythematosus. Moreover, nonprescription aspirin is used […]

Aspirin poisoning

Important Disclaimer: The details on this page are for information and training purposes only. To learn about poisonings and how to manage situations involving poisons enrol in St Mark James first aid courses. Important Information Regarding Aspirin Poisoning Call 911 immediately and seek emergency help if the following problems occur: The casualty is having convulsions […]

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