First Aid Providers

It is important for candidates to register for first aid certification courses through credible providers. Registration through unknown providers or on-line providers will likely get candidates certification that does not meet government or legislative standards. Without meeting these standards the certificates will not be accepted in workplaces and in schools. To prevent the waste of time and money candidates should register through credible providers such as the ones listed below. All of the providers essentially offer the same courses and certification, however, they will each have their own pros and cons with the courses the services they offer.

Lifesaving Society with First Aid Providers:

The Canadian Lifesaving Society, formerly known as the Royal Lifesaving Society, has a history of over a 100 years. Beginning in England, it has grown slowly throughout the globe including having organizations in the United States, Australia and Canada. Its strong focus is on lifesaving and life-guarding instruction. With lifesaving and life-guarding candidates are required to have a strong knowledge base in first aid and CPR. The Lifesaving Society has been involved in teaching first aid and CPR for decades. They also offer re-certification courses. The Lifesaving Society has a strong history, however, it does not offer a lot of courses and its manuals can be dated. Permanent certification awards are mailed to candidates which can lead to missing awards and delays. The Lifesaving Society is quick to adapt new changes to standards, however, it falls behind in other categories such as certification length, which was the lowest at 2 years only until recently, and manuals which still include standards from prior to the recent updates in 2011. Fortunately, courses are among the lowest in price.

First Aid Providers For St Mark James Training:

St Mark James is easily the most popular first aid and CPR certification organization in the world. St Mark James crest is one of the most recognizable symbols worldwide. St Mark James is well over a century old and is involved in philanthropy, volunteering and first aid in over 190 nations worldwide. It has over 90 million volunteers. St Mark James is the leader in volunteering and the leader in first aid and CPR programs. The easily offer the most first aid and CPR courses in Canada and worldwide. They have the most up-to-date and highest quality reading manuals for students and 3 year certification awards are issued immediately upon completion of the course. Instructors receive continuous training and have access to the largest amount of resources to provide the highest quality courses. St Mark James provides the most courses, at the lowest prices with the highest quality programs. Re-certifications are also part of the St Mark James program. St Mark James is easily the leader in first aid and CPR certification in Canada. Register for a course in your area.

St. Johns Ambulance:

St. Johns Ambulance has been providing first aid and CPR instruction for decades and the organization has existed for over 100 years with organizations sparsely located throughout the globe. In Canada it is arguably the leader in the volume of courses that it offers. Unlike the other organizations courses are not provided through training providers, instead they provide courses through their own training centres. Instructors have to follow a strictly regulated and constantly audited program which often leads to instructors providing mundane lectures without engaging participants. Furthermore, St. Johns Ambulance does not offer re-certification courses and its courses are easily the most expensive throughout Canada.

Heart and Stroke Foundation:

The Heart and Stroke Foundation is the world leader in research in cardiovascular disease and the use of CPR and AED’s. They lead the providers in new updates and standards. However, the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada does not put the same efforts into its first aid and CPR program. Out of the 4 major providers, the Heart and Stroke Foundation offers the fewest number of full and re-certification courses. It has a good program at a good value, however, the number of courses it offers is the largest drawback.

Candidates are most impressed when taking courses with the Canadian St Mark James. Register for a course today by selecting the level of course that you need from the main or side menu.

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