Emergency Management Response to Chemical, Biological and Nuclear Terrorism

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The threat of terrorism and the need for an effective emergency management response have become such a very talked about issue especially in the developed countries which are often the main target of terrorist attacks. Terrorism has emerged as the single most feared threat to life, property and government because contemporary terrorist attacks are no longer limited to conventional attacks and bombs but now are capable of producing weapons of mass destruction including chemical, biological and nuclear weapons.

An effective emergency management response for unprecedented  attack using weapons of terror starts with proper preparation,  constant skills training and proper information decimation between local health and government agencies in the advent of a terror attack. Such attacks such as with the use of nuclear weapons almost instantly destroy life and the environment leaving it uninhabitable for several generations. Moreover, biological and chemical terrorism which purposely releases virulent chemical and biological substances that can cause harmful diseases to the general targeted population. Countries around the world should be adequately prepared by making sure their health care delivery system is equipped with effective contingencies in the event of such attacks.

The threat of terrorism and the adequacy of emergency management response

Prior to examining the effectiveness of an emergency management response, it is vital to have a rundown of the existing facts surrounding the existence and reality of terrorism within a given country. This will provide a good background of the possibility that terrorism is indeed a real threat to the community. Over the past decades, the number of terrorist attacks has increased throughout the globe wherein the U.S. and several other developed countries are becoming the primary target of terrorist attacks.

It should be noted that terrorism in general is a result of religious extremism, political leftist movements, and philosophical disagreement of the current world order. Depending on the perceived or actual risk involving the potential for terror attacks, recent developments in most healthcare delivery systems are now preparing for possible chemical, biological and nuclear related attacks which can result in mass casualties if not effectively managed.

An assessment of the country’s emergency management response and level of preparedness

There are several institutions that are considered very crucial in the process of preparing for any biological, nuclear or chemical attacks. The health care sector will be the most heavily affected by such attacks since terror attacks are specifically targeting the general population in order to inflict as much human

casualties as possible. The health care delivery system, if caught unprepared for such a magnitude of victims and casualties resulting from a terrorist attack, it could ultimately lead to hundreds of deaths and disabilities followed by the incapacitation of law and order. One important consideration that the national and local government units of a particular country is making sure that its health care delivery institutions are well equipped in combating possible biologic, chemical and nuclear outbreaks resulting from terror attacks. With the risk of terror attacks becoming an actual threat to society in general, governments around the world should take considerable steps in coming up with a realistic and effective emergency management response in cases of terror attacks.

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