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Medical emergencies happen in our daily lives and sometimes it becomes difficult to know what to do. This is why first aid certification is very crucial for every person. In Canada, there are many approved organizations that give people the opportunity to get the training and get certified. The good thing is that in the modern days there are many online first aid training programs for those who have busy work schedules. This allows people to attend the training at their own convenient time and still get the certification after completing the course module.

How to get First Aid Certification?

Getting certified is not hard, but there are some few things that are worth consideration. First, you need to ensure that the site provides certification that is approved in the country. The classes should not also cost you a lot of money, thus you need to find a site that has instructors who charge reasonable fees for the entire training. If you want to train on first aid for kids, you can opt to undertake pediatric online first aid training. You will be required to complete both written and practical exams which you need to pass to get the first aid certification. The certification is provided if you score more than 75 percent. The other thing is that you get the opportunity to boost your CV by getting a first aid certificate that is approved internationally.

Topics Covered in the Course

In addition to getting the basic first aid training, there are also CPR first aid classes that cover different topics. The trainees get equipped with skills and knowledge on how to deal with injuries and other medical emergencies. They learn how to control transmission of different diseases and help keep someone safe before emergency service provider arrives. There are also more advanced online first aid certification courses that deal on how to treat head injuries, muscle tissue injuries, wounds and others. The advanced courses are most undertaken by those working in the medical field.

CPR versus First Aid Classes

There is a difference between first aid and CPR classes. First aid certification training focuses more on the steps one should take in case of an injury. The trainees learn how to offer first aid for burns, cuts, broken bones and wounds. On the other hand, CPR training involves how to deal with cardiopulmonary breathing problems. The trainees learn how to resuscitate to ease the breathing of a victim who may be having difficulties in breathing.

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